Bloody Red Baron




Real Name: Horatio Hellpop

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Executioner

Affiliations: Judah Macabee, the Merk, Dave

Enemies: Wampus

Known Relatives: General Theodore Hellpop (father, deceased), Marlis Esperanza (mother, missing), Scarlett and Sheena (daughters)


Base of Operations: Ylum

First Appearance: Nexus #1 (Capital Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Nexus is able to fly, both in an atmosphere and through space. He can travel at interstellar speeds. He can generate deadly energy bolts capable of vaporizing things (usually people). He possesses a force field which protects him from most weapons and the rigors of outer space.

History: On the planet Vradic in the Soviet system, General Theodore Hellpop was viceroy who married Marlis Esperanza. In order to preserve the Sov rule from a rising independent movement, General Hellpop destroyed and fled the planet with his pregnant wife. Deeming himself unfit to return to civilization, he flew his ship into the nearest black hole. Instead of being destroyed, Hellpop’s ship was drawn to an underground city in  planet Ylum.

When Horatio was born prematurely in the year 2560, he was placed inside a strange hourglass shaped tank. At the time, no one knew this was filled with the Merk’s fusion power blood. When Horatio turned five, his mother mysteriously died wandering the corridors of Ylum. In order to compensate for Horatio’s loneliness, the Merk created Alpha and Beta to keep him company. At twelve, they showed Horatio his father’s diary and he learned of General Hellpop’s mass murder. Years later, Horatio unknowingly had his first dream from the Merk. It was of the planet Vradic his father had destroyed and his Uncle condemning Horatio’s mother. In a fever, Horatio woke up and dragged himself into the tank. The following morning Horatio was refreshed and learned of his new power. The dreams continued until even bathing in the tank was not enough to stop them. In order to end the feverish dreams and headaches, Horatio killed his father.

From that point on, Horatio was forced by the nightmares and terrible headaches to seek out and destroy mass murderers around the galaxy.

The Merk never revealed himself and Horatio believed these powers were bestowed upon him by a righteous god. Eventually, Sundra discovered the Merk and Horatio convinced the Merk to end the headaches, For a time, only the dreams compelled Horatio to do the Merk’s bidding, but lately he works off a list compiled by the Merk.

How much more creative can the comic industry be when it comes to heroes and villains? From normal human antagonists to absurd reptile hybrid protagonists. Have they done it all? This is the beauty of the comic world. Creating characters have no limits. It is based on pure imagination and mere vision from animals to gigantic titans with unimaginable strength. The comic industry is like a poker battle of superheroes. They try to top one another with a better hero, villain or something more creative. Introducing the “world of badger”...Badger is the story of Norbert Sykes, a Viet Nam veteran and abused child who has developed split personality disorder. One of his personalities is the Badger, a superhero. Working for Hammaglystwythbrngxxaxolotl, a fifth century Welsh weather wizard, he proceeded to encounter and battle a procession of weird and wonderful opponents during the run of his series.


Created by Mike Baron, who also created Nexus, Badger originally appeared in a series from Capital Comics. With issue five, his comic moved to First, where it ran to seventy issues and a couple of graphic novels. With the demise of First comics, the Badger vanished off the radar for several years, reappearing in a two mini-series from Dark Horse during the mid-nineties, and then as an ongoing series from Image in 1997 (which lasted 11 issues).

New Badger issue coming out in February 2016.  Here is an interview of Mike Baron about Badger:



Witchblade a novel by Mike
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